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Is This The New Cauliflower?


Birgit Blain

October 1, 2019.

Okra is not one of the top 10 vegetables in Canada, but Bert’s Foods is hoping to change that with the launch of Oh My Okra. This super crispy snack has just three ingredients – okra, non-hydrogenated canola oil and sea salt. Whole okra pods are vacuum-fried below 180°F to retain nutrients, absorb less oil and prevent the formation of acrylamide. The result, a salty snack that’s high in fibre and low in sodium. Bertsfoods.com

Side note: Vineland Research is adapting world crops like okra for Canadian growing conditions to meet increasing demand.

As a packaged foods consultant, Birgit Blain transforms food into retail-ready products. Her experience includes 17 years with Loblaw Brands and President’s Choice®. Contact her at Birgit@BBandAssoc.com or learn more at www.BBandAssoc.com


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